Quarterstone comics endeavor to create an open forum for new top talent to develop quality intellectual properties for publication, licensing and entertainment while maintaining the property’s integrity. Creators will be supported by a community of professionals who will mentor and encourage talent and the development of intellectual property.

Publishing allows for an unfettered proving ground to develop new stories and characters for Entertainment projects. Entertainment projects are the translation of properties for DVD/HOME VIDEO, card games, video games, television and internet with a focus on striking a balance between being true to source material, while making the needed changes to create a successful multimedia venture. The focus of licensing is to promote branding through apparel and toys.

Those participating with Quarterstone Comics believe in the strength and virtue of print, film and television and that the integrity of one format should not be sacrificed for the production of the other. Each format is a legitimate avenue for intellectual property development and we recognize the unique varied and unique creativity inherent in each medium.